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I'm new to iTensor and wanted to simulate Lindblad dynamics but for that I need some method to exchange between MPS and MPO. This is simply combining indices so I tried using the Combiner method. However, even the most basic code http://itensor.org/docs.cgi?page=classes/combiner gives segmentation fault.

Could you help me?

P.S.: There are no errors while compiling

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Hi, thanks for the bug report. We'd like to strive to make all of the sample code on the website compile, so this is helpful. But sometimes the codes on the site skip over a few steps, such as setting elements of tensors when initializing them, which can lead to errors.

I just updated the code on that page and it runs now. What I added was a line


that sets the elements of the tensor T to be random elements. That allows the rest of the code to run correctly. The reason you were getting that error is that no elements of T had been set, so T had no storage. In the future we'll fix combiners to work even for this case.

One other note is that, if you get an error like a segmentation fault, please try compiling and running your code in "debug mode".

Running your code this way will help to give more informative error messages.

Glad you are trying out ITensor!

Best regards,

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Thanks for the fast reply.
Got it to work but only after multiplying the combiner on the right of the tensor.

Best regards,
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